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Stewart B McCulloch Figurine
SBM was a distributor supplied by other Potters.  This particular
figurine was produced by the McCarty Brothers ca:1950
Here are two more McCarty Brothers Figurines and an opportunity
to do some comparisons.  The figure on the left is dated 1946, the figure
on the right is dated 1945.  Notice the earlier figure has her hand
in the air (supposedly to hold the umbrella handle)...the later
figure has her hand against her chest and the umbrella handle
is molded in.  Notice also the earlier figure has smaller flower
openings than the later figure.  Both "McCarty" signed figures
have a raised foot around the perimeter of the base...and both have
bisque face and hands.
Contrast these with the later figure signed by SBM (above)...that
figure has a glazed face and hands, a flat bottom, and even larger
flower holes.  There are other subtle differences.  It is interesting (to
me) how the molds changed during the short 12 year production life
of McCarty Brothers Pottery.
McCarty Bros "Apple Seller" and "Basket Maker"
each signed and dated 1947
McCarty Brothers "Pot Maker" dated 1947
These McCarty "School Teachers" are 6.5" high (as are most of the
sitting figures).  They are marked on the bottom "(c) '47" but
dated 2-27-48
McCarty Mexican Kids dated 1947
These are hard to find...we are always interested in buying
This early "India Girl" dated 1944 McCarty Planter is 8.25" Tall
This McCarty Brothers Flute Player is 12" tall and dated 1947
Another delightful McCarty Bros Figurine "Corn Seller"
signed and dated

Will pay top dollar for the mate to this delightful McCarty Native
American Girl

Marked "Valley of the Moon" 1949 Calif McCarty Bros
Weller Pottery - Zanesville, Ohio - Elberta Console - ca:1930
Weller Pottery - Zanesville, Ohio - Elberta Candleholders - ca: 1930
 Note the similarity in the glaze between the Weller items above
and this Muncie (Indiana) vase from the same period
Interior Shot - Matched Pair signed Gunn Mfg Co. Cabinets - dated 1901
Grand Rapids Mich.
We actually have one more stack for each cabinet but could not fit
them under the ceiling.  All have original glass and brass knobs
Brayton Laguna - Gay 90s Couple
Bride and Groom, Bedtime, and One Year Later
We are looking for the fourth in this series The Honeymoon...
please send mail if you have one to offer (mint condition only)
Charming Folk Art Tray 12" x 20"
Oak with beaded trim around the perimeter, felt lined cup
holders and naive handpainted scene in the
This hand painted novelty pottery ashtray depicts a comic
hunting scene....fits nicely into the "folk art" or Adirondack "Camp"
style...just plain fun.
 something different? about beauty and the beast!
Here is an awesome 18" wide Chaulkware TV Lamp 1950
and a Brayton Laguna Peasant Woman 1940
I don't believe the rumors that Durlin Brayton used Babe Ruth
as a model for this piece!
Yona Ceramics ca 1945
Max and Yona Lippin were former employees of
Hedi Schoop. Yona Ceramics was located in Los Angeles, CA
and began business in 1939 or 1940 and continued through 1950.
Clay Sketches - Pasadena, California
"Blue Birds of Happiness" (L) and a Heron Shore Bird (C) Calif Carolers (R)
Cy and Edna Peterson began business in 1943 and
continued through 1956 or 1957...
the quality of their work rates among the best California has to offer
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Clay Sketches - Pasadena
 Bust with "frozen" lace decoration....
California Dresden by Avis
 "Sweet Sixteen" California Dresden by Avis
More California Dresden
Duncan Ceramic Products - Fresno, California - 1951
 Wonderful 8.5" tall Duncan Ceramics Figurine
This Duncan Ceramics Figurine is marked "Peggy"
Sculptor Larry Nunn and dated 1949
Roseville Pottery - Fuschia 7" - ca: 1939
Oil on Canvas Seascape - 18 x 24
signed Ken Smith in LL - undated, est ca 1970
Tile - "Ferry to Sausalito"
California Art Tile Company - 6"x6" - ca: 1925
 Another fine Plein Aire Oil/Board by Oakland, CA artist
Lewis L. Parker titled "Wide Open Town"
 ...this one measures 21x27 in its original frame and
appears to be done in the southwest or
Mexico in the early 60s
Brush-McCoy 10" Frog Ornament
Zanesville, Ohio  ca: 1967
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